Redundancy Failover Alert

We’ve got two FactorySQL nodes running in redundant mode and logging to Microsoft SQL Server. What’s the best way to send an email alert when the secondary node’s mode changes from “Backup” to either “Provisional Master” or “Master”? We have the “Alert Settings” configured to send “Low” severity alerts to the system administrator but I’m not sure of the best way to ensure that a failover casues an alert to be set.

Hi Larry,

Didn’t want you to think we were ignoring you, but honestly nothing comes to mind… should be a really simple thing, but I can’t track it down…

I’ll look into it more and get back to you.



Any ideas? I’ll be going to the client site next week and want to get something implemented while I’m there.


Are the SQL login users the same ? It could be possible that you can get what is the username of the session.

Colby is there any function that we can used on the action item to get the IP addresss or computer name


I can use the information in the “Responsibility Table” to figure out what’s going with the system. I may just write a stored procedure in SQL Server and use the database mail functionality. It should be pretty simple. I was hoping someone already had a quick solution that they would be willing to share. Maybe I’ll post mine next week.

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10-4, if you don’t want to used the email functions in SQL after you determine FSQL running on your Stored Procedure you can set an output to write back to the PLC some kind of Id and write logic to then setup an alarm which FSQL will see and send the email. It maybe a little more work than using the build in function of SQL