Redundancy failover

Hi everyone,

What are the conditions for a redundant pair of gateways to automatically failover ?
Is there a full list of these conditions in the documentation?

I believe this is what you are looking for:
Ignition Docs: Setting up Redundancy

From the documentation I undestrand that the backup assumes responsibility only if a failover timeout occurs :

Are there any other cases?

Manually triggered failover.

So beside the loss of network connection between the gateways, there is no other case where the failover is automaticcaly triggered ?

No. But keep in mind that the network check is traffic between the gateways over their connection. A gateway crash or freeze on either side would break the "connection". It isn't just a simple ping.

What are you hoping the answer is?

I thought it might exist an automatic monitoring of certain key parameters of the active gateway such as for instance CPU and RAM used by the active gateway. If these values raise a certain limit for a certain time then a failover could occur.
But if the failover only occurs after a network loss between the gateway (no matter the cause of the loss), the answer if fine, I just needed a confirmation.

Redundancy failover is not intended to be a load-balancing mechanism. It's all-or-nothing. If one server is overprovisioned, failover will just send all that load to the backup.

True load balancing is possible in Ignition, but the exact approach will depend on what you're trying to load balance - e.g. Vision is different from Perspective is different from tag execution load.