Redundancy for Driver module

I am currently developing a driver for ignition.
I would like to integrate redundancy management in order to impact the state of the connected devices according to the “Standby Activity Level” (Cold/Warm).
This behavior can be found on the Modbus TCP module of Inductive.
On the Backup gateway (Cold) the connected devices are Disconnected.
On the Backup gateway (Warm) the connected devices are Connected.

I have a hard time understanding how to set this up.
Should I manage it myself according to the states issued by the RedundancyManager or, is it possible to let Ignition manage it.

Moreover I wonder about the generation of “backup” type license.
“backup” type license only usable on a “backup” type gateway.
Is it really up to me to manage it or is there a module configuration that would manage it automatically ?

I am interested in any information or example to implement this !

Please see my answer here: Redundancy in module development - #2 by brandon1

Someone else will have to chime in about the backup license. I never messed with that stuff in my driver.

You have to manage it. I tend to use “cold” behavior even when “warm” is selected.

Thanks brandon1 !
I had seen your answer before creating this post.
I took the liberty of asking the question again because I saw no trace of RedundancyStateListener in the “Modbus Driver” module.
What puzzles me…