Redundancy getting disconnected frequently

Redundancy getting disconnected frequently after getting connected.
getting this below error can anyone explain this?
Thanks in advance.

I think ServiceUnavailableException requires a gateway restart to be resolved, which gateway is throwing that error? From my understanding the syncRequest task that is required to keep the master and backup gateways in sync is failing because the service between the master and backup gateway that is responsible for executing that task is unavailable, unsure of what may have caused that though.

this is backup gateway.
After few attempt it found some sync missing so gateway went for full pull from master.
I have tried restarting gateway once.

One of the things that can cause this is a change to the installed modules on the master while the backup is disconnected. The backup wouldn't get the new module at the same time, and modules themselves are not part of a sync, so you get stuck. Check your module list (and file versions). If not that, you might need help from support.

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Thanks @pturmel and @aaronrai24 will check that