Redundancy Issue: OPC tags values not syncing properly after redundancy failover

Our system is composed by 3 machines running Ignition 7.9.14. Two machines form the master+backup pair and the third one is used for monitoring related operations using the Gateway Network in read-only mode.
We detected two main problems when moving the activity from the master to the backup server:

  • Forcing the failover using the button in webpage does not work properly. Upon pressing the Force Failover button, Ignition switches to the backup server but then, almost immediately, it switches back to the main server. The Recovery Mode is set to Manual

  • We noticed that when a transition to the backup server occurs a few writable PLC tags (controls) may change their values on apparently random basis. We preformed a test to confirm this by stopping the Ignition service in the main machine.

Of the two issues that last one is the most worrisome, since it doesn’t give us full confidence about the redundancy.
I attached some snapshots of the redundancy configuration. Let me know if you need more information from our side.
Also, would it be possible to associate my colleague (sluitz) to this issue?

PLC info:

  • Model: SIMATIC PCS 7
  • Driver: Siemens S7-400

Best regards, Guilherme.