Redundancy problem - Backup gateway keep restarting

Hi Everyone,

Currently I am experiencing a problem with a backup server.
The servers downloads the primary server config, and then restarts the JVM but once back it repeats the operation. After 5 attempts it stops. I checked the wrapper but I could only seen this events happening rather than finding the cause.
I edited the redundancy.xml file, and the servers starts normally, however, as soon as I reconfigure the backup, it goes back into this loop.

Any suggestion?

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Have you ensured the backup has all of the same modules (and versions) as the master?

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I did. Same version of modules between the two servers.
It is like it cannot perform the full restore in time as there are too changes to apply and then it tries each restart again and again.
Is there a way to perform this initial sync manually?

@gbrp @pturmel Do you found solution for this issue. I am also experiencing same issue on v7.9.14.