Redundancy reconnection

I’m looking at setting up redundancy for a customer that wants geographical redundancy. The have the equivalent of 750mbps connection between to sites and they want to have a server at each site running their entire application. My question is if that connection is severed somehow what would the reconnect behavior look like? Would the vision clients be able to handle that without any sort of hinky problems?

Is there redundant connections between the two sites? How else would the vision clients connected at site 1 be able to talk to the ignition backup at site 2?

edit: ah, that’s assuming the connection goes down then the primary goes down, which may not be what you’re asking.

Yes. There’s a high end microwave connection between the sites. It’s specified to be in the 600-750mbps bandwidth range. It’s been online with almost zero downtime for almost 3 years now. So I know the connection won’t be an issue to normal operation. I’m more just curious what happens on reconnection in this type of scenario where the servers could be split into two essentially separate systems.

I know I can serve Factory Talk clients across the connection but I’m trying to move ignition into this part of their system.