Redundancy Server

I need help regarding the redundancy server.
Following the tutorials,

I managed to communicate and configure the master and the backup, but I have the following problem, when the master is disconnected, the vision client is not redirecting visio to the backup ip, I believe I’m skipping some step, could someone help me?

Problems like this might be better suited for support. You can contact support here. The best place to start troubleshooting this problem would be the logs. Since the problem could be due to a number of different reasons, you will want to check the logs in the master gateway, the backup gateway, and the vision client itself.

I had the same issue, just got it fixed. In your web server settings, at the bottom, uncheck the Autodetect HTTP address. Then enter in the IP address or name of the server you are on. So on the master, enter the master's address, on the redundant enter its address. You need to do both the master and backup. When we did this, we needed to accept the redundant servers certificate when opening the vision client. Then everything worked.