Redundancy Setup Issue - Addressing


I have set up a pair of Ignition servers in redundant mode. They are both running Ubuntu Server 12.04, Ignition 7.6.2, Java 1.6.0_24. After setting the redundancy up, it appears as if both servers “see” each other, but the report a localhost address ( for each other, and do not appear to synchronize projects from Master to Backup.

This is a screenshot of the status page from the Backup server showing the anomaly:
[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 4.22.07 PM.png[/attachment]

Can anyone suggest what I have done wrong here. I would expect that the status should show the actual IP address of the other server, and that we would get a sync happening from the Master to the Backup.

I apologize if this issue has been covered before, but I could not find any suitable explanations/answers.


Bother, seems like the screenshot didn’t make it!
Here it is:
[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 4.22.07 PM.png[/attachment]

Ok, further to this issue, I have made some headway. I changed the Redundancy Settings on both Master and Backup from “Autodetect NIC” to manually entering in the IP address. This has had the effect of the correct address showing up in the status area (as per my image above).

However, the “Home” or “Projects” area of the backup server still shows no projects available, although it does show active databases, devices & OPC connections. The console on the master indicates “Project version synchronized, backup node is up-to-date.”, but I am unclear as to what I should expect to see in a Redundant configuration such as this. Some of my confusion may come from the fact that the backup server was an independent server prior to being re-purposed as the backup. I simply removed the old project.

Would someone be so kind as to shed some light on what I should expect to see in the status area of a redundant system.


Your Master and Backup nodes should have all the same Projects, DB Connections, Device Connections, etc. after the Backup node has synchronized. If something went wrong in the sync, there should be error(s) in the system console describing what it is.