Redundancy states during failover

Hi all,

We have a redundant pair of gateways and during testing we have encountered some issues regarding redundancy states and load factors to our connected Omron devices.

The redundant backup GW does not always go to cold state after the master GW is back online.

System events from Master GW

System events from Backup GW

The backup gw shows Active and sync OutOfDate

It also seems that the load factor is approximately doubles.
It looks like both the GWs are sending requests to the PLC at the same time.
To get the load factor back down we need to restart the backup GW, but then get the Active, OutOfDate state on the GW.

This shows the device connection and load factor before a failover

This shows the device connection after a failover has occurred and the master is back online.

We have used default redundancy configuration,
except for “Auto Detect Network Interface”(false) and “Network Bind Interface”(IP of master gw)
Standby activity level is set to cold.

Both systems runs:
Windows 10
Ignition version 8.1.2
Synced clock to NTP

Does anyone know how to configure this to prevent these issues from emerging?


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Hi Edvard,
Have you had any luck getting more information on this?
I am also trying to find out the behavior of certain device connections on a Cold Backup gateway.



Hi Richard,

We forced a redundancy resync and updated to the latest ignition version, at that time 8.1.7, and have not had an issue since.