Redundancy System Activity

Hello everyone, I have configured a master node and backup node ignition gateways. In the gateways, we have a gateway event timer script that inserts data into a database. From the documentation, it seems that the gateway event timer script will still run (even in cold mode). It just won’t subscribe to any devices defined. I am worried that both gateways will be trying to insert data into the database. I am going to test shortly to ensure that this is the outcome.

In addition, I was wondering if there was an ignition function that identifies the state of the gateway as a master node or backup node? I looked around and didn’t seem to find one. If so, I could simply add this to the script.

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I wouldn’t expect this script to run on the backup unless the backup had taken over as active.

What part of the documentation are you referencing?

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There are a set of redundancy-related system tags with this information: System Tags - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

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The part I was referencing was System Activity(I understood it more as “gateway activity”). From this section, I understood it as the gateway will connect to any OPC servers(besides device connections ones) and simply just not subscribe to any tag values to reduce load on devices

It looks like I should have looked at historical logging, which I think is refencing logging to connected databases. If I understand it right… in full mode, data in store and forward system is being pushed to the database defined…in partial mode, data is stored in the store and forward system until a limit is reached or the master reconnects… which then it attempts to push the data to the database defined.