Redundancy & Upgrade


I would like to upgrade my setup from 8.012 to 8.0.16.

I have two redundant gateway.

Can I stop Ignition of the main gateway to everything to the secondary gateway, then upgrade the main gateway and the upgrade the secondary gateway?

I nom what is the best way to upgrade a redundant setup?


I’d follow the notes in the manual. It says the order doesn’t matter but recommends doing the master first if not using EAM. If you are using EAM it recommends starting with the back up. If you scroll down on the page I linked to, it has a section toward the bottom that talks about upgrading redundant gateways.

We always do the following:

  1. Force a failover to the backup from the redundancy status page
  2. Execute the upgrade on the Main Gateway
  3. Execute the upgrade on the Backup Gateway
  4. Confirm that all comms and redundancy are back up and running.

The only short outage will be the time it takes the Vision clients to retarget to the Main gateway when the Backup gateway drops out during the upgrade.

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Thank you. We will do that.