Redundancy with failover OPC Connection

We’ve planned to use Ignition 7.7 for a new project with the following architecture :
2 Gateway in Redundancy mode with a warm backup.
We use KepserverEx to communicate with PLC.
( :scratch: sorry, uploading an architecture diagram doesn’t work in this topic forum ?)

We would like configure failover OPC Server Connection.
Failover Connection Settings must be différent between MASTER and BACKUP
(MASTER GW faileover opc server is @IP2, BACKUP GW faileover opc server is @IP1)

but these settings on the backup can’t be changed ???
How to achive this functionnality ???

I tried settings MASTER GW faileover opc server is @IP2,
the failover is ok, “switching to failoverConnect” in the log.
It will be usefull to have a more visible information in the gateway opc serveur connection diagram ???

When the primary opc server come back, can we have an option, like for the redundancy ?
Recovery Mode : Automatic / Manual, to switch back to the primaryopc server

You could try using localhost instead of the IP addresses if they are on the same computer as Ignition.

For theprimary connection its ok but the failover connection is remote !

Due to how redundancy works in general, there isn’t a quick way to accomplish this… however, I think you could work around the issue by using a little network trick: edit the host file on each machine to give a symbolic name to the addresses. Here is one how-to.

The “hosts” file is what maps a symbolic name to an address on a machine… in other words, it’s something like your own DNS override. If you put a name like “opcserver”, you could map it to different addresses on each machine. Then, in ignition, instead of putting in an ip address, you would just put in “opcserver”.

It would be nice if we could handle this more directly, but this trick could help for now.


Thanks Colby for the workaround !