Redundant Gateway Auto Re-Targeting Question

I have a client that wants me to do some research on setting up redundant gateways. I understand the setup and how the auto re-targeting works. However, in my scenario the PCs which the gateways reside have an internal and external IP address. So the to gateways will be connected by their internal network IP address but a client would connect to the project using its external(public facing) IP address.

To me it seems like the auto re-targeting would fail in this scenario. Can anyone provide any insight how how this would work. I don’t want to recommend something to the client that won’t work for their setup.

To help clear this up I’ll provide some more details.
Master Gateway: Internal IP; External(Public) IP: 50.x.x.10
Backup Gateway: Internal IP; External(Public) IP: 50.x.x.11

The gateways will communicate over the internal network but all clients will access the project via the public IP address.

Thanks in advance for any insight into this setup.

Within redundancy settings (on both gateways) you can manually set the IP address that Ignition will use to communicate redundancy information (in your case, 10.X) as well as manually specify the IP address(es) that will be sent out to clients.

See this page for more information:

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