Redundant Gateway : opc-ua settings for client connection

We have upgraded our system to Ignition 7.8.2, 2 month ago.
We encounter some trouble with opc-ua settings for client connection,
Our gateway is redundant.

We have to set on each gateway a local opc-ua connection to an opc-au siemens server.

When we configure the connection on master side,
with opc.tcp://localhost:4845, and press Discover,

We obtain :
SecurityPolicy: Basic128Rsa15, MessageSecurity: SignAndEncrypt
SecurityPolicy: None, MessageSecurity: None

It’s ok for the MASTER, we use SecurityPolicy: None, but the connection on the BACKUP node is not the same ! … but these settings are sync between MASTER and BACKUP gateway !
(must be : opc.tcp://GTC-S-EST:4845 on the BACKUP side)

Any Idea? host override has no effect…


This is fixed in 7.8.3 with additional settings for configuring the backup node.

We need this release in emergency…or a quick fix…

When is the target date for the first 7.8.3 beta ?

I think it’s supposed to get uploaded today. Myron should have emailed you a download link by now.

Perfect, as soon as I received a download link, we will upgrade to 7.8.3b our test platform to check the fix, and post back here, or a PM if all is fine or not.