Redundant Ignition servers & OPC connections

I’m planning to use Ignition as an OPC UA server for the first time (seems to work great so far!). The instance I’m running is in a redundant configuration.

It just occurred to me, if I’ve opened a connection to the primary node, then the primary and backup switch, that connection is not going to be good anymore, is it?

When the primary comes back up, is my old connection going to be any good or do I need to reestablish it?

Redundancy is always a challenge, especially in mission critical business. Just wondering, if it’s possible to combine the redundancy solution by other vendors with the redundancy by Ignition to build high availability SCADA systems.

I am particularly impressed with Stratus Pls share your views.

I haven’t fully tested the ignition redundancy. I would love to know other people’s experience on this topic to build a robust solution on ignition. Thanks.


I have carried out some tests with “Ignition redundancy + MySQL cluster HA + Kepware OPC UA”. Kepware is running on 32 bit W7 VM inside “Ubuntu 14.04/64 bit + Virtualbox”. During failover, Kepware was perfectly switching over to either m/c without any problem.

You can check my latest post on this link. … 92&t=12981