Redundant Server Failover

Recently we tested the “failover” of redundant servers at a customer by shutting down the Ignition Services (via the Gateway Control Utility) on the redundant Master. All the clients quickly indicated that they had lost connection to the gateway, but none of the clients redirected their connection to the redundant Backup. Also, the redundant Backup, never appeared to recognize that it was no longer the backup.

This customer was on 7.5 for the test. We are in the middle of upgrading them to 7.6.

I have the log files from both the master and backup servers.

Could you go ahead and send those log files into Also, how long did you take the master down for? What sort of redundancy settings do you have setup in the master gateway?

Log files as well as a gateway backup were sent yesterday.

We waited several minutes before deciding that it was not going to work.



I took a look at the logs yesterday, and the only event I could see was at around 9:23 am. However, at that time, something happened that caused the backup server to restore from the master, and then the master was shut down before the restoration was complete and everything was backup up and running.

The shutdown appeared to be your test, as the master wasn’t restarted for about 15 minutes. Did you do anything else before shutting down the master? It appears that the redundancy settings might have been changed in some way.

Also, I believe you’re running 7.5.3, right? I would recommend upgrading to 7.5.10, as there were a few small redundancy fixes.


Oops, I just saw your email to Dave, so don’t worry about replying here.