Redundant Store and Forward


Is it possible to set up redundancy for just the SQL Bridge (store and forward) module? We have a few smaller projects where it would not make sense to buy the Mission Critical package, but it would be cool to have backup data logging if the main Gateway went down.

For example:

  1. Gateway #1 -> The Works package
  2. Gateway #2 -> SQL Bridge Module

If Gateway #1 went down, we would lose access to the screens, alarming etc. but Gateway #2 would take over logging data to the database.
If Gateway #2 went down, Gateway #1 would continue to log data normally.

Please let me know if this is possible, or if there is a different setup that would achieve similar results.


I think I might have just solved my own problem, but I would like some feedback to see if this is possible. Since we are already working with virtual machines on this project, I want to add a third Gateway.

ESXi Host

  • VM MySQL Historian
  • VM Gateway #1 - The Works minus SQL Bridge
  • VM Gateway #2 - Redundant SQL Bridge


  • Gateway #3 - Redundant SQL Bridge

The way I understand how redundancy works in Ignition, the two redundant servers have to have the same Gateway configuration. Breaking the SQL Bridge module out into a third Gateway would allow redundancy for only the SQL Bridge store and forward system.

This means if the Host goes down for whatever reason, the data would be buffered in the workstation until we are able to address the issue. The screens and alarming would of course be unavailable during this time.

Please let me know if this would work the way I am describing. Thanks!