Redundant system OPC problem

Hi everyone,
I am using ignition’s reduntant system architecture in one of my project.
I have configured an OPC server in one of the machine which acts as ignition master as well in redundant system.
but the problem is when i configure the redundant client of ignition in other machine it gives me error for the OPC connection.
since i have installed the OPC server in ignition master system locally, i have configured the OPC-UA server as locally available .Now when i try to change the setting of OPC server in backup system (setting IP address of the OPC server location) it does not allow me.

What version are you on? At some point there was an additional group of settings added to the OPC UA connections where you could specify the discovery, endpoint, and host override that would be used if the currently running gateway was the redundant backup. They should be under the “Redundancy” category.

i am using ignition 7.8.4 version

Find the attached image. here there is no option of endpoint setting. then how to set the redundancy for this OPC server for redundant gateway node.

Are you trying to achieve redundancy for the OPC COM connection?

Yes… is it possible?

You’ll need to have the server running on the backup machine as well. There’s no way to point it at the master machine separately.

If I install OPC server in backup machine as well, then will redundancy will take place between them? Same OPC com servers installed seperately on two machines will have same Progid or different?

Whether or not they have any concept of redundancy or even the same ProgId would be entirely dependent on the server. I would guess most could end up with the same ProgId but will run independent of each other.

Thank you Kevin.Herron for your reply. will check this thing with the vendor of OPC server supplier.

One question, in case I have a redundant configuration like the one suggested, two redundant gateways and two OPC DA servers running on both , the master and the secondary server, will Ignition redundancy manage the failure of the OPC server changing to the backup node?