Reference Docked / navigation window from Floating window

I am using multiple tab strips in the Navigation (docked) window. One of those tab strips I want to use for filtering on the main page instead of opening a new page.

What I am looking for is how to reference the docked window tab strip

For example
In "Navigation" (docked window)
Tab strip "Main" - Overview / Site1 / Site2 / Site3 / System / Admin / Alarms (Navigation ON
When Site1, Site2, Site3 are selected another tab strip is visible (with navigation off) with options
Tab strip "items" Input / Output / Equipment / Network

on main window if Site1 is that opens up the Site1 page. Selecting from other tab strip changes filter / visibility on that page.

window(Navigation).items.selectedTab ?

You cannot bind from one window into properties of another. The closest you can come is to bidirectionally bind from both windows to a Vision Client tag.

Scripting can look up a window object and reference from there, but it isn't binding.

Thanks, That worked. Created a client tag and with the tab strip in navigation had it bi-directional to that tag. Then on the page read the value of that tag.