Reference not found tag error

I’m getting a reference not found error in my tags. What’s odd is that if I change the value for reach set temp to evaluate to true instead of false, the error disappears.

Not sure if it is the cause but your Time Set Temp Reached is less than Time Oven Start.

Ah, sorry about that example. The problem still occurs when my time set temp reached is greater than time oven start though.

Only thing I can see is your reference for Oven On, assuming you’re trying to get the Oven On tag shown in one of your screenshots, is wrong. I think it should be {[.]Oven On} since its in the same level. Though that doesn’t make sense with what you said about changing Set Temp Reached to True, but maybe something behind the scenes is causing the incorrect reference to not be evaluated because it can see the result of the and expression early.

You may have an order of operations thing going on. Try:

({[.]../Oven On] != 1024) && !{Set Temp Reached}

Try changing {[.]…/Oven On} to {[.]Over On}

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Try changing {[.]…/Oven On} to {[.]Over On}

This would be my bet too. If you change the order from
{[.]…/Oven On] != 1024 && !{ [.]Set Temp Reached }
!{ [.]Set Temp Reached } && {[.]…/Oven On] != 1024
then I’m guessing changing the boolean value of Set Temp Reached wouldn’t matter. My theory is that it evaluates the last equality first, so when Set Temp Reached = True , it doesnt bother to check the first equality since the whole expression is false. Only when it needs to check the first part it realises that the tag path doesnt exist. Again, you can test this by switching the order and seeing if changing the tag now has a different response.

Other theory is that it is always encountering the problem in the expression due to the faux path, but since it knows globally the expression is False, then it ignores the problem (however this seems dull to me and prompt to problems while having none of the advantages that non-evaluating a part of the expression can have)