Reference parent component custom property

Hi all,
I’ve tried to look through the forum but I can’t figure out if there is the possibility to have relative custom properties paths in Vision. There is a way to reference a “parent” custom property without using the whole path?

My arrangement is as follows (imported SVG):

And the 616 S1 component has the following custom property:

What I want to do is binding the Visibility property of the “Line” component to a sort of indirect tag, taking the parent (616 S1) custom property in the path. But when I add the property it takes the full path to the component, like so:

Root Container.Photocells Layout.Photocells.616 S1.Position

Instead I want something like this:


so I can copy/paste the bindings between the heterogeneous components (i.e. parts of the SVG).

I need this because my layout is composed of different parts of the SVG with very different shapes and I want to be able to define the “Position” property on all the components, then copy/paste the bindings and having everything set up automatically.

I know that templates could help, but my problem is that not a single template could be used for all the layout.

I’ve read in other forum posts that copy/paste of the component will take with them the bindings updating property paths (if I’ve not misunderstood), but in my case I’m not copying the components (them are already part of the whole imported SVG).

Any suggestion or there is a different approach that I’m overlooking?
Thanks in advance.

No, unfortunately. Bindings are stored in the window, not in the component, so they always have to have complete paths. The designer will fix up bindings when copying and pasting components as if the bindings were relative, but that’s it.

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