Reference souce tag name in expression for an alarm property

Hi All, I am trying to get the name of the source tag for an alarm and use it in the expression for an alarm property.

I have a tag setup with an alarm, to know if an alarm notification needs to be sent to the operator when the alarm becomes active, there is another tag I am trying to read. I can point directly towards the tag and it works
if({[.]../Commands/Not Critical Alarm/Alarm Notification Test Tag} = 1, "BCW/Alarm Active", "")
but what I am trying to do is make this dynamic so the other 200+ alarms I can just paste the same thing in the expression for the Active Pipeline since all the tags in the system are organized the same way

  • Clearwell
    • Alarms
      • Alarm Notification Test Tag - Has the alarm setup with the expression
    • Commands
      • Not Critical Alarm
        • Alarm Notification Test Tag - Trying to read this Boolean to see if alarm notification needs to happen

this is what I tried that doesn't work, I am guessing because Name is probably a property of the alarm and not the source tag.
if(tag(concat("[.]../Commands/Not Critical Alarm/", {Name})) = 1, "BCW/Alarm Active", "")

Is there a way to reference the .Name property of the source tag?

Thank You!

Well I found in the documentation to use {}

I am just having a hard time trying to figure out the syntax or something as I tried the following and its still not working (error I get is null, Error_ExpressionEval)
if(tag(concat("[.]../Commands/Not Critical Alarm/", {})) = 1, "BCW/Alarm Active", "")

as well as

if(tag(concat("[.]../Commands/Not Critical Alarm/", {})).value = 1, "BCW/Alarm Active", "")
error I get here is Scan Error: Illegal character <.> (Line 1 , Char 66)

I even added an Associated Data tag to the alarm and put the same thing in the equation to see what it was resolving to and it was showing the correct tag path, but I just can't see the value of the tag.
concat("[.]../Commands/Not Critical Alarm/", {}))