Reference Style Class Properties from Script

So I am working with some previously created views that are acting as templates. The view takes a parameter called “colors” that defines the various colors on different objects within the view. Right now the view only allows for hex value colors to be inserted as parameters and was not built to pass in style classes. In order to make my application as a whole as dynamic as possible I would like these color parameters to reference style classes but also don’t want to re-build the entire template view to work with style classes as the parameters instead of color values. Is there a way to reference style class styles from within a script/expression or do I just need to rebuild the template view?
If that doesn’t exist I feel that that could be a useful feature: ie reference a style class style like styleClass.class1.backgroundColor

Nope, no can do at the moment. You could check if your parameter is a hex value and then handle it differently based on that? There's a fromHex function to convert hex to an int you could use to check inside a try() for fail over