Reference tag in another provider?

Would I be correct in understanding that you can’t use a tag from one provider in an expression tag from a different provider?

In other words, I can’t create an expression tag in a database provider that uses a tag from the internal provider?

I think you can. When you add a tag to the expression you can select from any provider. Try it out. If it doesn’t work we can look into it further.

When I create an expression tag in my database provider and try to reference a tag from the internal provider I get an error message “You must choose a tag or tag property in the same tag source”

In project properties, can you select a different sql tags provider, create your expression tag, then switch the sql tags provider back?

No, this didn’t work.

I have 3 providers, one Internal and two database providers. I have tried all three providers as the Default provider and wasn’t able to reference a tag to another provider.

I did try all combinations of referencing a different provider as well. I tried having an Internal tag reference a tag in both the database providers, both of the database providers try to reference a tag in the Internal provider, and a database provider try to reference a tag in the other database provider, all combinations gave the same error.

Ok, I will mock that up here to see what I can find. I will let you know.

New information -

I realized when I was creating a tag in my database provider that there was no Driver selected. I selected ignition as the driver and still got the error, but the data did end up coming through from the other provider. I tried creating a new tag and when I referenced a tag from a different provider I still got the error but the data did come through.

So the issue seems to be that when creating a reference to another provider the error message is thrown, but the data is coming through.

Yes, this is a UI bug. The tag should function normally though. I’ll add a ticket to get this fixed.

Thanks for your help