Reference tag to also get Data Historian data


Today I was thinking if a refence tag could not only get current tag value, but also the history of tag via tag historian. After testing I feel like the awnser is no. However I was wondering if there are work arounds

I am just trying to implement a hierarchical model (Client/Park/Cluster/Inverter) to old PV parks (5 years of data) for an dashboard without doing any modifications to the database itself. Previous SCADA developer built up a park having all OPC tags in a single level (directory) which is bad (). I thought maybe i could build a system which i basically references to the single directory solution and also could get the data history behind it to easily get dashboards and applications working.

I am open to discussions and talk around this topic. Every oppinion helps!


Why not remap your tags and then use a SQL update query to change the tag historical data to the new tag reference in the DB?
Just try and do it with a backup first