Reference to a closed window

Hello everyone! I write this post because I would like to receive your opinion.
I would like to know how I can correct this error:
Basically I neet to call a window inside a script, but I should do it even if it is closed.
Is there a way to open it and hide it from view during preview mode?
Thank you all!

What function are you using to actually open the window? If your windows are properly designated ‘main’ windows, then system.nav.openWindow() should re-focus an existing or open a new instance appropriately. That said, opening new window instances in the designer isn’t the recommended way to test - the designer, even in runtime mode, doesn’t do everything that a ‘real’ client does perfectly - so I would recommend that you launch a separate client and test within that.


At the moment I use “getWindow = system.gui.getWindow(‘Window’)” and then I insert the result obtained inside a JFrame.
This is a Power Table:

and this is what happens when you click on a row:
In practice I open a window (inside the JFrame) which contains a table; in this way I got a result similar to the famous SubView Row property.
The problem is that I can’t open the SubView if the window itself isn’t open!