Referencing a dataset from a cell update binding?

I’m attempting to set up a Cell Update binding on a dataset which I would like to update with values from another dataset. The dataset I’m updating from is a template property. On the cell update binding for a component within that template I’m trying to update a couple of fields using the syntax {Root Container.myDataset}[0,0] to access row 0 column 0 but it is not working. Is my syntax incorrect or is it not possible to access a dataset from a cell update binding?

The syntax would be correct if you were typing an expression (I’m referring specifically to Ignition’s Expression Language). However, the Value column of a Cell Update Binding doesn’t accept an expression, so the [0,0] portion will not retrieve a cell from your dataset property.

You would have to do something like create custom properties to extract the individual cells from your dataset, and then use those single-value custom properties in your Cell Update Binding.