Referencing multiple tag history "max time between samples" with single reference tag

Process folks have requested to see tag history logged at specific intervals regardless of the deadband. They would like to see tags logged at 10 second intervals during specific time periods, even if it involves logging the same value in the database.
So far the only way I have been able to achieve this is by setting up a reference tag to the “max time between samples” attribute of a given tag.
This looks like it will require a reference tag per history tag to drive this setting though.
Is it possible to have a single reference tag, drive the “max time between samples” attribute of a bunch of tag?

Since you don’t care about deadband and you want a 10 second interval, I would use a transaction group. Here you can drag and drop all the tags you want to log, set the timer to 10 seconds then use a single tag as a trigger to drive the logging (or use a schedule).
Understanding Transaction Groups - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation (

Yea we have gone back and forth a bit on the Transaction Groups. That’s where we started a few years back actually.
Essentially under normal operation, we really like the deadband and compression functions, along with the auto partitioning and overall historian management.

I did dig up some code that we had used to modify some UDT’s that will currently do the trick without having to build reference tags, however it is through scripting so a bit more work.

def overrideTagProperty(path, value):
	basePath, name, overrideProperty = path.replace('.','/').rsplit('/', 2)
	system.tag.configure(basePath, [{'name':name, overrideProperty:value}], 'm')

overrideTagProperty('[default]Test_tags/historyTest' + ".HistoryMaxAge", 10)
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