Referencing parent UDT parameters within nested UDT parameter values

I have a UDT definition that has a few UDT instances nested within it, for example Pump below.


The Main UDT definition has these parameters:

The Pump UDT instance has these parameters:

I am trying to reference the values of the parameters in the Main UDT (E.g. Description) within the Pump UDT (E.g. in Alarm_ParentDevice), however it’s returning the value of the Pump UDT’s Description instead of the Main UDT’s Description.
Pump UDT’s Alarm_ParentDevice = “Pump” instead of “Mobile Pump Station 1 Pump”

Where the value is blank in the pump UDT, it does reference the Main UDT’s value (e.g. Alarm_Area and Alarm_ParentDevice), however if the value is not blank, then it seems to use its own value making it impossible to to cascade parameters :frowning:

Is there any way to force the nested UDT to use the referenced values of the parent?

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In this situation I usually use a second parameter in the nested instance (for example: Parent_Description) and use {Description} as the value. That’ll reference the parent’s parameter value.