Refresh alarm status table when acknowledging alarm

Is there a way to manually trigger a refresh of the Alarm Status Table in Perspective when the user acknowledges alarms?

We have an alarm table with a slow refresh rate that filters to only show unacknowledged alarms. When the user acknowledges an alarm, it does not disappear from the table until the next refresh which can take a while and causes the user to think the acknowledge didn't work.

You can add a custom method on the alarm status table, by right clicking it and going to configure scripts. In the custom methods add a function called whatever, eg. 'refresh'

In this custom method add the line self.refreshData()

You can then add a binding on the alarm status table, I just add an expression binding reading the system tags like, [System]Gateway/Alarming/Active and Acked and [System]Gateway/Alarming/Clear and Acked

Add a script transform onto this expression that calls your custom method, self.refresh()

That works, thanks!