Refresh Browse automation

I am running 7.1.6 and I have various Contollogix, CompactLogix, and SLC controllers defined in Ignition. It seems that any time I update the PLC code, the tag values coming from that PLC are no longer valid until I do a refresh browse. If I set the Browse Cache Timeout, to something such as 120000, will this automate the refesh browse feature? What kind of performance hit will this cause?

Well, you don’t really want to use that auto browse feature for a PLC like the ControlLogix or CompactLogix. Our driver right now does not detect a program change and refresh the browse. We are currently working on this feature and should have it fixed in Ignition 7.2 which is set to be released in January 2011 (very soon). So stay tuned and in the meantime just press the refresh browse button whenever you make a program change.

Thanks Travis.