Refresh dataset on another window

From a popup I would like to refresh the main windows dataset. Updating a table is easy with:

win2 = system.gui.getWindow(“excel/experience”)

but I have a custom dataset property on the root window in the main window, and I am having trouble finding out the syntax:

win = system.gui.getWindow(“excel/negate”)
system.db.refresh(win.getRootContainer()," data")

any suggestions of the proper syntax? I’ve tried a few different variants all of which don’t refresh the dataset.


Provide the custom property name instead of “data”.

The custom property name is Data, should the command work?

Case sensitive.

One trick I use to refresh data for a client (or globally) is to use a tag. Then you need to increment the tag to trigger a refresh. For a client tag and global tag it’s the same technique, you want to include it in your where clause (I always put it in the front so I know its not hidden)

WHERE {[client]refreshData} = {[client]refreshData} AND {[default]refreshDataGlobal} = {[default]refreshDataGlobal}.

Then changing the client tag from 0 to 1 (or vice versa) will trigger a refresh for your client, or doing the same for your global tag will refresh the data for all clients.

Blegh! Really?

Well I found it in the existing code base and I didn’t think it was bad, easier than trying/excepting to grab a window then a component to refresh. I think its only valid with the Legacy DB Access (maybe?) but that is the how the project I mostly work on is set up anyways and has all the SQL queries hardcoded into component bindings. I know its ugly but compared to the rest of the spaghetti code I have to work with its elegant by comparison lol. Besides being ugly but any other problems with it?

If I had the time to refactor I would be making named queries with long caching period and manually refresh when a new record is added/updated/deleted. Alas, I would need a lot of time to refactor. Gets more complicated when I have user (not role) specific where clauses/group by clauses for data showing on the same component blegh

You ever just want to tear down a project and start it all over? lol

Ha! Too many times to count. One must be careful to constrain the Not-Invented-Here syndrome, though.

More seriously, anytime I see curly braces in a query, I cringe. One is at the mercy of default string conversion of whatever object is in the braces. I’m also not a fan of query conditions that factor out to no-ops in the DB. Not only a big boundary violation between data model and presentation, it is easy to screw up the logic when other conditions are present. Maintenance nightmares.

Now, using a tag as a notification method is efficient. But I would implement it as a binding on a custom property, with a change script issuing the appropriate system.db.refresh calls. Probably just one binding on the root container if there are multiple consumers in one window.

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Fair point about the default string conversion, and that my gui refreshing is now deeply tied to the query itself.

I’m also not a fan of query conditions that factor out to no-ops in the DB .

Can you explain what you mean here though? I never heard the term no-ops nor do I know how it applies here.

I have always heard this used in reference to a statement which requires some amount of processing but could be omitted from the statement without altering the results.

no-ops is short for no operation, and essentially is a do nothing clause.


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