Refresh image in Ignition perspective

Hello, I have questions about display images in Ignition Perspective. I am setting the source for an image component to: "https://server_name/main/screens/NewImage.png". NewImage is constantly updated on remote server. But in Perspective session image component continues to show original PNG and update new only when I refresh webpage. Is it possible to update the image displayed in perspective without refreshing the page?

Add a variable to url with a changing value like milliseconds. https://server_name/main/screens/NewImage.png?v=1984355000

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Yep I do the same thing on PDFs with an expression


I add a variable to url with changing value, but this doesn't solve me issue. Still the image does not refresh on the perspective screen. But I noticed that when i right click on the image and select open in new tab, the most recent image opens.

I don't really like this method, but you could try setting the source to '' then back to the correct source string and see if that forces a reload. However, I think the url with a time parameter should work. How did you set it up?