Refresh IP Camera Module on Error


I need to find a way to refresh/reload the IP Camera module when it encounters any error. I know that this can basically be accomplished via a change in URL or mode; however, I have not found a way to know programmatically when an error has occurred. Due to the environment, that cannot be changed at this point, the viewer will receive multiple SOI or EOI tags in a row and dies until refreshed/reloaded.

Any assistance is much appreciated.

For the moment I’m testing using the web browser module with the mjpeg stream embedded in an html tag. It is stable thus far and seems to be a decent alternative for less than spectacular connections.

On another note, I’ve found that the IP Camera viewer does not play well with RTP B2 frames enabled on the stream. (Neither does the web browser module for that matter.)

Hopefully I’ll have some more information after it runs for a while.

I finally found the reason for the module errors, or most of them at least. On the Acti cameras we are using there is a setting tucked in for RTP B2 frames. This setting is enabled by default and wreaks havoc on the IP Camera module. Once the RTP B2 frames are disabled the module works with a high degree of reliability.

The short version:
Disable RTP B2 Frames on IP Cameras used with the IP Camera module.

see here