Refresh perspective component on tag change

Is it possible to refresh a perspective view component on tag change?

Specifically, I am after updating a table which I have previously updated using self.refreshBinding("") through a message handler for user triggered events. However I would like to also trigger a refresh for a gateway event that flags completion with a tag change.

The same message handler method is the answer here. You just have to reference the project in the call.

I'm getting an error trying to do that. The message handler needs to be initiated from the gateway but received by all browser sessions currently open.
I'm sending:

system.util.sendMessage("Enterprise", "refresh", {"target":"target_test"},"CG")

I've set up a label in a view with a message handler called "refresh" and ticked all the listen scopes (Session,Page,View):

def onMessageReceived(self, payload):
	target = payload["target"]
	if target == "target_test":
		self.props.text = "message received"

I've tried setting the scope to send the message with to different combinations of "C","G" and "S" but it either isn't received or when set to "G" I get a gateway error logged because there isn't any message handler defined in the gateway scope.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

You need to add a message handler in session events that will the broadcast a component level message using system.perspective.sendMessage.