Refresh/Reload Perspective Video Player for IP Camera Still Pictures

Hello, I am using the Perspective Video Player control to display IP Camera still pictures. Does anyone know how I can trigger a refresh of this control using a script in a push button to grab a new picture? If I refresh the web page it works, but I want to use a button to trigger new image. Thanks!

Hello, I got in touch with IA Support and we were able to do a refresh binding for this. We did this by:

Step 1: Verifying that in a web browser, adding extra characters to the end of the IP Camera url did not affect the image
Step 2: Added a Custom Property to the Perspective Video Player Control (Called prop in this example)
Step 3: Creating a button on the Perspective page
Step 4: On the Button added a Script to the "On Action Performed" and put the code in:

def runAction(self, event):
import time
self.getSibling("VideoPlayer").custom.prop = str(time.time())

Applied the change and ran the web page. When clicking the button, the url updates with the time added to the end and a refreshBinding refreshes the picture

Thanks Ben!!