Refresh tag history table

I’m using a table component to display historical tag values. I have a dropdown to select the tag to display and popup calendars to set the range. Polling mode is set to off. This works fine, but the only way to refresh the data is to close and reopen the window. Data does not refresh when changing the date range or tag indirection. The system.db.refresh function also does not seem to work with the tag history binding on the table data. Any ideas?

Also settings under the Advanced heading of the table data tag history binding (Ignore Bad Quality, Prevent Interpolation, Avoid Scanclass Validation) do not save.

Ignition 7.7.0

SQL bindings will refresh if any referenced property or tag changes. So you could create a custom property on your dropdown called refresh (integer). If it is part of your SQL statement, then it will refresh if you just change the refresh value:

Your code to refresh the data:

#toggle between zero and one
rootContainer.getComponent("Dropdown").refresh += 1
rootContainer.getComponent("Dropdown").refresh %= 2

SELECT fieldlist
FROM tableOrJoin
WHERE {Root Container.Dropdown.refresh}={Root Container.Dropdown.refresh}