Refresh URL in perspective

Hi guys,

Does anyone know how to refresh the URL in Perspective?

When entering a URL parameter with an ID, it should open the correct view. Also, changing the view using the menu bar should open the correct view, but the URL does not refresh.

The screenshot below shows the URL when opening the view using the URL parameter.


When trying to open the view using the menu bar, the displayed URL remains unchanged as shown below, contrary to the expected behavior of refreshing, as explained above.


Priyanka Khandge

Is the text below a correct summary of your problem?

My application uses a Horizontal Menu component with target URLs set for views within the same project. The menu works but the browser's address bar does not update with the new target's URL. It still shows the calling page's URL.

I think I saw a post about this before but can't find it.

Can you show how you have the target properties set?

Yes, I facing the same problem but in my case not using the Horizontal menu tree. Here I have used the Accordion component. In accordion added the view, view created using the button.

In the button OnActionPerformed set it like below:

It's not too clear what you are trying to achieve and what the Accordian component has to do with it. In anycase, I think that your navigation action is only changing the view and not the page so the browser's address bar will not update. You would need to use Select Type = Page for that to happen.