Refresh windows after making a change

Hello everyone, I want to refresh all windows to see the new change, how can I do that?

If some 2 State Toggle change :

TAG State toggle   | Do      
'ON'           | Enable 2 windows      
'OFF'          | Disable 2 windows     

And if is ON or OFF I need to see the change, how can I refresh the windows?

Q1. What is 'State toggle`? Is it a tag? Is it a component on a window? Something else?
Q2. What on the windows is not getting refreshed?
Q3. What is the new change?

1.State toggle is a tag and a component on one window.
2.My navigation window disable the windows automatically when the tag is OFF but don’t refresh to see the change, the change is when you can see these TWO windows disable in the navigation window, the point is that you could not open it and when the tag is ON you can see again enabled these 2 windows

Firstly, how you you disabling your windows when the tag is off at the moment? Are you using a binding to the state tag? If so, you don’t need to refresh the windows since these should update from the binding. Make sure if you’re using a component to set the value of the tag that it’s set to bidirectional if you’re using a tag binding.