Refreshing multiple tables in Vision

Hi everyone,
I write a little piece of code to make easier refreshing multiple tables, but still do not get it work,
is there a way to refresh multiple components?

this is the code i write but i get the error :

TypeError: refresh(): 1st arg can’t be coerced to javax.swing.JComponent

List = [ “Power Table”,“Power Table 1”]
ListName = [“Component”]*len(List)
for i in range(len(List)):
ListName[i] = “event.source.parent.getComponent(’”+str(List[i])+"’)"
system.db.refresh(str(ListName[i]), “data”)

i don’t think you can use a list for this. If you only have two tables, you could just run two separate refreshes. If you have many, you could create a loop.

table = event.source.parent.getComponent("Power Table")
table1 = event.source.parent.getComponent("Power Table 1")
system.db.refresh(table, "data")
system.db.refresh(table1, "data")

Sure, you can use a list - just gotta treat the things a bit differently.

components = [
	"Power Table",
	"Power Table 1"

for name in components:
	component = event.source.parent.getComponent(name)
	system.db.refresh(component, "data")

You are right, that is what i was trying to articulate with the loop option.

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