Refreshing OPC Tags

The gentleman working on our PLC tags has assured me that he updated an OPC tag but when I look in the OPC tag browser, it is not updated. He is telling me that he 100% sure that he has updated the tag. Does anyone know of a reason this would be happening, or can I be confident that the tag has not correctly been edited? I went to the OPC tag browser and hit this refresh button:

But the tags remain the same. I am wondering if maybe there is a bug or odd behavior that people have encountered while trying to access updated tags. My device is a Bradley Allen ControlLogix driver.

By "updated the tag" do you mean he changed the datatype or something?

If so, this looks like 7.9, and you may need to edit/save the device, restart the OPC UA module, or restart gateway to get the datatype to update.


I am certain he changed the name of it, and it is possible he changed the data type as well. I'll give these suggestions a try and see if it updates correctly. Thanks for the quick response!

After editing and saving the device, the new tags are now visible in the OPC browser:


Thanks for your help.