Regarding dynamic views optimal design in ignition perspective

I have one left view that contains 4 section. I have a doughty that how could I resize the component in that view dynamically. for example on left view 4 plant like plant 1,plant 2,plant 3,plant 4 and I want show only plant 1 and plant could I resize the view size? and show only 2 views on left panel.
Below uploaded image shows that on left view 4 section is their at a time I have to see only 2 section then how it is possible to worked on perspective?
How It is possible to flexible the view or which view should be used and optimal design in perspective ?

on image left view shows 1)output % 2)Output - acutal vs target 3)prod count table 4)time table .If I want only 1)output % 2)prod count table. then how could I resize them in perspective.

Might be better to show what you have compared with what you want to have as two images. I’m struggling to picture your goal

Consider left view and for example want only output % and Time then how should I resize it one after another without showing blank space .

on below image first section that is output % is blank and want second image will be come on first how could it possible in perspective?

Ahh, I think what you’re looking for is the use of a flex container, the display property, and basis: auto.

Using a flex container and nested flex containers will allow you to toggle the display property to false when you don’t need a component, without leaving that empty space in the middle.

Then once you have nested that container into your page, you can set the position.Basis to auto and it should automatically handle the size based off the amount of content being displayed.

These steps may help get you pointed in the right direction:

  1. Try creating a flex container view
  2. Put another flex container inside it (we will name it nestedContainer
  3. Put three buttons in side nestedContainer.
  4. Set nestedContainer.position.basis = Auto.
  5. Set the position.display property to false for the middle button and watch what happens

If I am understanding you correctly, than this should get you started in the right direction. Let me know if you have any questions

Thank you I am started in right way.

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