Regarding Meter high bound issues

There is a problem regarding Meter high bound issues.
Please reference the below picture. I had setting Meter High Bound is 200 in the Designer. But the meter show high bound is 100 when I launch it into Window.
Could you let me know how to fix this problem? Thanks.


Dose anyone have this problem?

Nope, never seen it. I don’t use the meter component though.

Try adding a numeric text field to the display and bind the overall high range to the numeric text field value. Change it in the client and see what happens. I’m curious to see

I will try it later. Do you think is it a bug?

Yes, Binding is work. So Is it a bug?

Weird. Are you sure the original binding evaluated to 100?

I knew what’s the problem.
When I create a new meter then drag Sin8 to Meter. Then I found Meter.Overall High Bound also binding with Sin8.EngHigh. Even I modified Overall High Bound to 200.
So, you can see when I lunch the program Meter high also show 100.

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