Regarding RS232C communication


I would like to know modbus drive in ignition supports RS 232C communication or not.

The Ignition Modbus driver only supports Modbus/TCP. But, by using a gateway such as Moxa MGate MB3170 or 3270 will allow Ignition to communicate to Modbus/RTU devices through RS232/422 or 485.

hi @thechtman ,
Have you tested communication between Moxa MGate MB3170 or 3270 & ignition?

Look at the dates on the two posts above yours!

thechtman was last seen on Jun 23, 2015.

And the answer Tom gave has long since changed.

To answer your question, I have used loads of MB3170 with RS485 2-wire Modbus RTU and Ignition. Simple to setup and reliable.

Hi @Matrix_Engineering ,
Thanks for quick response.