RegisterServer TCPClientChannel Connection Lost

Ignition 7.5.4 on Windows Server Enterprise 2007 on VM Server with 4 GB Ram

Running a ton of SQL Queries to populate data displays and reports but no significant CPU usage. SQL DB on both the local machine and the SQL Plant DB on a remote machine. Memory is utilized close to 4 GB. OS and Memory upgrade scheduled later this spring.

All IO comes from OPC DA from KepWare 5.5 on the local machine. 0% Problems with KepWare.

Ignition running well for 1.5 years but occasional performance problems.

I am studying the console to find issues and errors. I am getting a repeating warning every 10 minutes: “RegisterServer TCPClientChannel Connection Lost”

Screen Shot attached. What is this warning and how do I correct it?

Thanks Ken P.

Go to the UA settings and set the discovery registration frequency to 0 and disable the discovery server.