Regular expressions in Fsql, via plugin or builtin?

I took a peak through the FSQL expression language, Didn’t find an easy way to do regular expressions. Am I missing a built-in function? Or is this more of a plugin style thing.


Currently there aren’t any functions that deal with regular expressions. However, you certainly could make a plugin if you were so inclined. Feel free to post if you need more information about how to do this.


Sounds like a great feature request (which I entered, of course)!


We’ll give the plugin approach a shot here for now.


Bit of feedback, The programming working with me on the project had a plugin whipped up in about an hour. Works great thanks!

If possible, would you mind sharing the plugin that you guys created? Looks like it would help these folks: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3764

Sadly the one we wrote is very specific, so unless you are trying to run against an Anemometer’s output it may not be terribly useful to you.

I’ll ask the programmer if he minds sharing the code later today though, Probably build what you need off of that.

Fair enough, I’m sure anything would make for a good springboard. We’ll probably just end up writing a generic one and posting it up here.