Regular readers post here

Just wondering how many regular (daily) readers we have on the forums here. Easy chance for lurkers to post here!

Do I count?

I think you might qualify

oh, oh what about me?

I’m here most days…

For the record, I have been working on my first FPMI project and am very pleased with the support and assistance I have received from all of the support personnell.

Thank you all…

Adam Abelew
Connell Industries, Inc
Rahway, NJ

I check at least once a day when I can. I learn from everyone else’s problems, so when I finally run into one, I already know how to fix it :slight_smile:

I tend to visit every other day. But mostly to check on the MILLIONS of questions I ask. Bad habbit to post so much maybe? lol :scratch:

No problem - post as much as you’d like

Ditto for me. I also try to contribute if I know of a third-party app that can help us out-- especially the cheap to free solutions, considering the budget I usually have to work with… :laughing:

I generally check once or twice a day to check for nifty tricks and things other folks had figured out.

I also check once or twice a day.

[raises hand]