Reinstall Perspective Module?

I’m trying to fix issues I’m finding from going through the wrapper log. I see one particular issue show up frequently:
INFO | jvm 1 | 2022/05/26 05:54:55 | W [P.ProjectConfig ] [12:54:54]: Unable to find registered component for id="kyvislabs.display.apexchart" module-name=Perspective
I can’t find anything in any config or within the file structure that mentions apexchart. It was a module we had installed once before but removed.
So I’m wondering if I can reinstall the Perspective module to fix this issue without screwing anything up?

You’ve got (at least one, maybe more) a view somewhere that still has a reference to an Apex Chart component. You need to find the reference and remove it from the view.

The fastest way to do that might be a deep search in your gateway’s project directory for that literal string.

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