Reiterate on future requests

All of these topics were addressed previously but I’d like to underscore some of them as a result of working with the designer for some time now. Foremost would be the 2d graphics. Secondly, that I think is close to the top of the list, is being able to create a master container, with objects, tags etc. within, and being able to edit the properties, tags, sizes etc. in the master having the children inherit the changes if desired. Briefly worked with Clear SCADA and that is one of the highlights of that program. Wonderware also has that feature as well. These two issues would really stream line the graphical design time. There’s always oops, and I should have, and you want to go back and modify or use the template for another project.
Another issue is having, as a configuration option, the right button on the mouse, popup the properties, tag editor, etc. .
I know this is in the future revisions but just wanted to express importance or these issues. Ignition is a fantastic product and these requests definitely would enhance it in the market place of HMI’s.

Joe - thanks for your input. I think your feature priorities align closely with the development roadmap. I wouldn’t be surprised if the developers ask for your input in showing how the other applications accomplish these tasks, combined with your opinion on what you like about the implementation and how it could be more intuative.

Yep - we couldn’t agree more. Patience! We’re working on it…